Plan an Exciting, Plant-Based Meal at Rooster & Owl

February 28, 2019

For foodies in the Arlington area, Rooster & Owl is one of the best spots for a truly unforgettable meal. This hip, plant-based eatery specializes in vegetable-based dishes using only ingredients that are fresh and in-season, and much of the ingredients on the menu are sourced locally and from independent farms. 

The team at Rooster & Owl suggests creating your own four-course meal, but it also encourages sharing plates throughout the table so that everyone gets to taste a bit of everything. The dishes are as beautiful as they are delicious, and you’ll definitely want to snap a photo — it’s just that type of place. Pair your meal with a premium cocktail or a glass of wine, then kick back and enjoy the beautiful ambiance and impeccable service at this in-demand eatery. 

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