Try the Workout of the Day at CrossFit South Arlington

March 29, 2019

There’s no question about it: CrossFit has become incredibly popular in recent years. Why? Well, if you ask the folks at CrossFit South Arlington, they’ll tell you that it’s the sense of supportive community that their CrossFit gym cultivates. 

With CrossFit, everyone does same workout of the day (or "WOD") on any given day, which means that everyone at the gym is being challenged in the same way and must overcome the same obstacles. Working together and encouraging each other is a natural outgrowth of this fitness model. What’s a WOD like? Well, CrossFit tends to focus on whole-body, functional movements like jumping, lifting, carrying and cycling, so you can count on doing exercises that mirror the motions of everyday life. What’s more, this CrossFit gym encourages its members to understand the importance of metabolic conditioning and nutrition, in addition to regular workouts. Sound good? Head to the website and schedule your free introductory session.

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