Stock Up on the Essentials (and More) at Ballston Place Gourmet

October 29, 2020

You need to eat now, and you’re going to have to eat again later. Ballston Place Gourmet has you covered! The friendly family-run diner has the delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners you love, along with an essentials marketplace to save you from having to go to the store. The eatery has lots to choose from, whether you want a classic breakfast platter with pancakes and eggs, or a hefty sandwich with a side of French fries. Ballston Place Gourmet also specializes in Asian cuisine (thanks to the owners, The Chang Family), so you can enjoy an authentic bibimbop or kimchi bulgogi sub for an amazing price. Then head over to the market after you eat. Once you fill your cart with a few boxes of cereal, dry goods, paper products, and a couple of bottles of wine, you’ll be set for the week! Find Ballston Place Gourmet on North Pollard Street, just off Fairfax Drive. They are open seven days a week from morning ‘til night.

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