Shop Autumn Decor at Burke Nursery & Garden Centre

October 30, 2020

With the weather growing colder and the sun going down earlier, it makes sense that many people miss out on the outdoors through fall and into winter. While you should probably wait a bit longer to put up a holiday tree, you can still bring some seasonal flora indoors—for all sorts of natural autumn decor, Burke Nursery & Garden Centre has plenty to offer. 

Your “it’s fall, y’all” Pinterest board can become reality when you’ve decorated your apartment with corn stalks, Halloween imagery, chrysanthemums, and, of course, pumpkins. In fact, you can enjoy a stop at Burke’s pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin, and take plenty of photos while you’re there. 

Extend the fun a while longer and print out a few copies of your favorite selfies with family and friends from Burke Nursery & Garden Centre—framing your favorite people amidst festive backdrops makes for a quick and easy DIY project. 

Your kitchen can take part in the seasonal fun, too. Burke’s fall farm market showcases local honey, jams and jellies, apples, pickles, and more, with plenty of fall flavors. With the perfect pumpkin, some sweet treats, and decorations both pre-made and DIYed, Burke Nursery & Garden Centre is sure to become your one-stop seasonal stop. 

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