Try Your Hand at Escaping From Escape Room Arlington

October 30, 2018

Team-building takes on a whole new meaning at Escape Room Arlington. Its unique experiences provide the perfect opportunity to bond with friends, family, or even coworkers. Visitors have to work together to solve riddles, follow clues, and ultimately escape the room by unraveling a mystery. Regardless of the age and sleuthing skills of your group, Escape Room Arlington has an experience that will suit.

If you plan to bring younger escape artists along, reserve "Secret in the Attic." This room drops guests into the attic of a recently departed grandmother—your own, in this scenario—who’s been hiding a surprisingly exciting past. When you clean out her attic, you’ll discover some of her secrets, and have to figure out what they mean in order to escape the room in 60 minutes. If you’re looking for a spookier room, try "Glitch." This room blends the real and the surreal to create an experience that will leave you scratching your head, trying to determine what to believe—and how to escape.

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