Design Your Own Milk Tea at Kokee Tea

June 26, 2018

Kokee Tea serves up a different kind of mojito. Its Virgin Mojito contains no booze, but instead features a base of handcrafted jasmine green tea. It's infused with the flavors of key lime and fresh mint, plus your choice of mango, strawberry, peach, or lychee. The Virgin Mojito is just one of many specialty tea beverages at Kokee Tea.

Another option is the green tea topped with velvety house-made sea-salt crema or the honey oolong tea crowned with a layer of cream (the Golden Harvest). For anyone who wants to design their own tea drink, you have a few choices to make. First, choose your creamy milk tea base. The list of options includes everything from matcha milk tea to Oreo milk tea. Then pick from toppings like honey boba, lychee jelly, and almond pudding. Your final decision is the level of sweetness, from 25% to regular. Then all that's left to do is sip and enjoy!

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