Build Your Own Bibimbap Bowl at Rice Bar

May 22, 2018

With its layers of rice, veggies, and meat, Korean bibimbap bowls present a perfectly balanced meal. When Rice Bar debuted a new location in Arlington two months ago, it got a little bit easier to enjoy this healthy fare near home. In fact, you're invited to customize your bibimbap so that it's exactly how you like it.

Start building your bowl with a base of white, black, or brown rice or a bed of lettuce. Then load on up to four included toppings, such as roasted seaweed, fried onions, edamame, and zucchini. Next, add protein like Korean barbecue beef rib (kalbi) or teriyaki tofu. As the final flourish, select the sauce from a list that includes everything from the signature Rice Bar soy sauce or gochujang. If you don't feel like building your own bowl, choose one of the gourmet creations already designed by the chef.

Public Domain/Pixabay/sharonang
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