Check Out a Yoga Class or a Relaxation Session at Good Vibes Yoga

March 30, 2018

Check out Good Vibes Yoga for a feel-good yoga routine that brings balance to both the mind and body. The practice at Good Vibes Yoga is rooted in Integral Yoga, and focuses on the many facets of life improvement that a well-rounded yoga routine can bring.

Good Vibes Yoga offers about a dozen different class styles, each with a specific purpose and goal in mind. Yoga Therapy, private instruction, and Reiki healing is also available by their experienced staff. There are in-depth workshops if you're interested in delving deeper into one aspect of yoga, or you might check out one of their free relaxation sessions near your next yoga class. They are 10-minute sessions of deep breathing, relaxation, and a valuable way to improve your day.

Public Domain/Pixabay/AndiP
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