Heat Up Your Fitness Routine at Corepower Yoga

September 27, 2017

The practice of yoga receives an added boost of intensity at Corepower Yoga in Arlington's Pentagon City, and it's all thanks to a few clicks of the thermostat. Corepower Yoga offers mostly heated classes ranging anywhere from 85 to 103 degrees. The heat helps to deepen your practice and amp up the calorie burn, and you can experience it in many different ways.

Although a C1 class isn't technically heated, the studio often hovers are 85 degrees due to classes held before yours. So this is the perfect place for a beginner to start. You'll not only learn the basic moves of Corepower's Vinyasa flow, but also start to slowly adjust to the heat. After mastering the C1 class, you can move on gradually to C1.5, C2, and C3, or dive into something different altogether like Yoga Sculpt or CoreCardio Circuit. The first week of classes for new students is free!

Public Domain/Pixabay./SofieZborilova
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