Get in a Stretching and Strengthening Workout at CorePower Yoga

January 20, 2017

Ask any of the regulars at Arlington's CorePower Yoga and they'll quickly tell you that yoga is much more than simply stretching. In fact, it's a great way to build core strength, which is a necessary foundation for improving your endurance, balance, and more.

Yelp reviewers note that in addition to providing a challenging workout, the instructors at CorePower Yoga are committed to helping all students work at their own levels, so if you're new to yoga (or just not very flexible) don't worry — your instructor will be glad to help you with modified or adjusted poses. The class schedule here is pretty extensive, so it should be possible to find something that fits your lifestyle, whether that means a 6 a.m. Yoga Sculpt class to get your heart pumping, or a relaxing 9 p.m. candlelight session to wind down after a long day.

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