Visit the Netherlands Carillon

August 4, 2022

“From the People of the Netherlands to the People of the United States.” 

This simple dedication of the Netherlands Carillon expresses the gratitude of the Dutch people for American aid received during and after World War II. The carillon itself symbolizes a friendship between the people of the two countries. A friendship rooted in a common allegiance to the principles of freedom, justice, and democracy, that can weather any temporary differences of opinion. 

To view a beautiful part of history, visit the Netherlands Carillon! The 53 bells hang in an open steel tower. The carillon’s peaceful setting, with its floral libraries and sculpted lions, is the perfect setting to listen to the music of the bells. 

The grounds of the Netherlands Carillon offer sweeping views of Washington D.C. A perfect place with grassy slopes and large shady trees that is a beautiful spot for a picnic, especially in this beautiful summer weather. 

Open daily from 6 am until midnight. 

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