Chomp Into a Chicken Sandwich at Queen Mother’s

April 28, 2021

Now more than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all learned a lot of lessons about the things we value most. And, determined to help our community in any way we can, we’re dedicated to support local restaurants and other small businesses. One such restaurant to support is Queen Mother’s, a soul food spot dedicated to crafting the perfect chicken sandwich. And it seems they succeed—as one Yelp user states, “Queen Mother’s serves excellent fried chicken sandwiches.” 

Like any restaurant offering a homestyle chicken sandwich, Queen Mother’s places a generous, juicy piece of chicken on a toasted bun. With varieties like Virginia honey butter, Nashville hot, or mumbo to choose from, you can try a few different sandwiches in your search for your personal favorite. Paired with waffle fries or coleslaw, you’ll have an affordable meal with unforgettable flavor. Best of all, you’ll be able to support a local restaurant as we enter our “new normal.” One bite at a time, you’ll taste a connection to our community—and satisfy your appetite in the process.

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