While Away a Mild Winter Day at Bon Air Park & Memorial Rose Garden

January 22, 2021

You quickly glance at the weather forecast, and what’s that next week? An unusually warm winter day, or maybe one with no clouds to hide the much-missed sunshine? That’s the perfect occasion to plan a mid-season trip to Bon Air Park & Memorial Rose Garden. You have to take advantage of any opportunity to get some fresh air, and Bon Air Park & Memorial Rose Garden has lovely landscaping, paved paths, and play areas for a guaranteed good time. Visit the Memorial Rose Garden – a popular spot for weddings – to see a masterfully planned mix of sun and shade, or take advantage of the low attendance during the winter to be able to have a quiet picnic or brisk walk. Bon Air Park & Memorial Rose Garden is a plentiful 24-acre refuge, giving you plenty of space to maintain social distance from other guests. 

Find the park entrance on North Lexington Street. Please note that the bathrooms are indefinitely closed due to repairs, so plan accordingly! The website is a great resource for parking information, transit options, and more.

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