Eclairons Specializes in Freshly Baked Pastries Near Instrata Pentagon City

November 19, 2020

A delicate little French macaron or eclair, anyone? Oui, oui! Merci! Eclairons is the newest eatery to open along Wilson Boulevard, and offers casual, café-style food along with some truly special pastries. Stop in for your daily coffee, along with breakfast sandwiches, croissants, or quiche. Lunchtime brings more delightful little bread bundles, from the veggie wrap to the chicken shawarma. Eclairons also has a few signature items that you won’t find elsewhere. The ‘squaffin’ is a square muffin made with coconut, almond, and wheat flour (choose from pistachio or lemon blueberry), and the go-to soup is a rich lentil concoction with caramelized onions. 

But let’s be serious – you’re there for the pastries! Eclairons does a fantastic job creating light-as-air confections in a variety of fine flavors. No matter what you order, add one or two macarons for a sweet post-meal treat. Or order up a dozen eclairs, each expertly decorated and filled with indulgent crème. 

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