Have You Ever Taken a Guided Tour of Ford’s Theatre?

June 25, 2019

Ford’s Theatre is so much more than a beautiful place to see a world-class show. Don’t forget the historical significance of this local institution and the role it played in American history. Ford’s Theatre gives weekly guided tours of the meaningful building, with behind the scenes glimpses of what it must have been like the day Lincoln was assassinated. See the balcony and orchestra levels in detail, as well as the entrance to the President’s Box where Booth lay in wait. You will also stand right on stage to gaze up at the box and imagine what the actor’s saw, and even head out to the back alley to follow Booth’s escape route. 

The Guided Tours at Ford’s Theatre are kept quite small (a max of 20 people per tour) and are expertly guided. The staff has a palpable enthusiasm for telling guests about the site, and additional tours are also available for the adjacent museum, Petersen House, and Aftermath Exhibits. Get your tickets on the Ford’s Theatre website for this one-hour tour, affordably priced at just $28 per person.

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