Explore Typically Off-Limits Flora on The White House Garden Tour This Fall

September 12, 2017

Towering oak and elm trees; flourishing red roses; lavish stretches of emerald grass. These are some of the elements that make up the White House's beautiful grounds, and it's all thanks to President John Adams and wife Abigail. In 1800, they were the first to plant the inaugural garden at the White House. Today, the landscape surrounding the mansion is almost as famous as the presidential abode itself — and you can explore the grounds firsthand on The White House Garden Tour.

Twice a year, the White House welcomes guests to check out its gardens. The autumn installment of The White House Garden Tour is coming up this month. Although admission is free, there is a limited number of spots, and the tickets tend to sell out. If you are lucky enough to grab a ticket, you'll get to explore the Jacqueline Kenney Garden, the Rose Garden, the Children's Garden, the White House Kitchen Garden, and the South Lawn.

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