JOURNEYoga: A Class for Every Body

July 24, 2017

Power Yoga. Hatha. Yin and Slow Flow. Regardless of what you’re looking to add to your yoga practice, you’ll find it at JOURNEYoga in Arlington. JOURNEYoga can help beginners, too, as it warmly welcomes even those who’ve never taken a class before.

Each day’s schedule is divvied up into categories to help you select the practice that’s right for you. A practitioner seeking stillness and focus should try a Yin and Slow Flow class, which instills strength by having pupils hold postures for extended periods of time and take their time moving into another pose. For a more vigorous “movement challenge,” try Express Power, a class designed to get you sweating. Hatha and classic yoga, meanwhile, fall under the “movement focus” category, which simply means they’ll help you home in on the ways your body moves through poses and how it corresponds to your breath.

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