Pick Up Dessert After Dinner at Mocha Cafe & Pastry

May 22, 2017

At Mocha Cafe & Pastry, you can get all of your favorite foods and more. From freshly baked pizza to soft, pillowy beignets topped with fresh fruit and even vanilla ice cream paired with slices of chocolate lava cake, regulars say that one of the things they like best about this Arlington cafe is its unique combination of menu items.

Mocha Cafe & Pastry is an equally suitable destination whether you're craving something sweet or savory. The pizzas here are Persian-style, which means they're loaded with toppings like salami, olives, and oregano, and have a unique flavor profile that's a little different from the typical Italian-style pies. If you want something a little more traditional, the kitchen here allows you to create your own custom pizza with whatever flavor profile you want. The pastries and sweets range from cookies to fruit tarts to eclairs and cakes, so no matter what you prefer, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something to suit your taste.

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