Find Hearty Deli Fare That’s Perfect for Lunch at Paramount Cafe

August 26, 2016

Paramount Cafe is the definition of a hidden gem: it's easy to miss from the street, but the perfect place if you're hungry. Keep your eyes open for this local favorite the next time you find yourself near South Eads Street during the lunch hour.

The menu at Paramount Cafe is classic deli fare: you'll find turkey, pastrami, and roast beef sandwiches, as well as all the fixings. But what regulars keep mentioning in their social media reviews, however, is the quality of service they've received at this family-owned deli, which prides itself on personal attention and customer interaction. Since the owners themselves are part of the community, that means when you visit, you shouldn't be surprised if the employees strike up a conversation with you while they make your sandwich.

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