Discover a World of Unique Teas at Capital Teas

June 7, 2016

Regulars say that a visit to the newly opened Capital Teas on Pentagon Row is well worth your time for any tea lover. This store carries a wide variety of specialty teas, ranging from delicate white teas with a floral and fruity fragrance to dark, strong black teas that will give you a serious caffeine boost.

Most teas are sold loose at Capital Teas, and samples of all are available for you to see, smell, and even taste before you buy. In fact, with more than 200 premium teas to choose from, it would take you quite a whlie to work your way through all of them. The store also carries a number of tea accessories, ranging from small gourmet accompaniments like acacia honey or amaretto rock sugar, to high-quality teapots that will allow you to brew your tea in a traditional way.

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