Find a Personalized Workout at Get Shaped Fitness

May 13, 2016
If you're trying to get that much-coveted beach body for the summertime, try a class at Get Shaped Fitness. This small gym offers a number of classes and programs nearly every day of the week, which makes it easy to fit in a workout no matter your schedule.
At Get Shaped Fitness, guests are able to take part in several fun and effective classes, including Get Shaped Yoga, Booty Core, Total Body Blast, and Zumba. Get Shaped Yoga is a vinyasa flow class which helps build strength, flexibility, endurance, and awareness. Booty Core, of course, strengthens and improves your glutes, while Total Body Blast is an intense workout working your entire body to burn calories, elevate your metabolism and increase lean muscle mass. The very popular Zumba classes feature exotic rhythms set to high-energy tracks in a lively setting.
While you must pre-register for all classes that Get Shaped Fitness offers, it's easy to register online or by phone.
Get Shaped Fitness
1600 South Eads Street
Arlington, VA 22202
(703) 831-6561
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