Spend the Day Playing Outdoor Sports at Virginia Highlands Park

April 22, 2016
The state of Virginia offers a number of outdoor activities for their citizens, but few are as much fun as Arlington’s Virginia Highlands Park. The park offers a variety of different outdoor activities, including basketball, volleyball, and tennis, while also providing a vast amount of opportunities for nature exploration.
Virginia Highlands Park is designed to provide the citizens of the state with a plethora of vigorous and healthy endeavors through its numerous parks and facilities. The park’s dynamic atmosphere is fit for every season, from the cold of winter to the hot summer. With 18 acres of land, Virginia Highlands Park welcomes a number of visitors every day. From the clean and well-maintained drinking fountains to the fun sprayground for the little ones, Virginia Highlands Park provides an enjoyable and safe experience for children and adults.
Virginia Highlands Park
1600 South Hayes Street
Arlington, VA 22202
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