Synetic Theater: Soak Up the Limelight, Instrata Pentagon City!

September 16, 2015

Synetic Theater has a reputation for producing innovative, cutting-edge theater that focuses on dynamic, complex movement on the stage. The founders, Paata and Irina Tsikurishvili, emigrated from Georgia where they were trained in traditional dance, theater, and film. Consequently, they've spent the past two decades combining their eastern European traditions with American storytelling styles, and the result is Synetic Theater, which known for its unique and passionate award-winning style.

You'll find everything from classic Shakespeare plays and avant-garde movement-based pieces to popular musicals performed here. It's always possible to purchase tickets for individual plays, but you'll get substantial savings if you subscribe to a full season's worth of shows (plus you'll get your favorite seats every time).

In addition to its regular performances, this unique venue near Instrata Pentagon City runs a robust performing arts education program, with classes that cater to kids, teens, and adults.

Synetic Theater
1800 South Bell St
Arlington, VA 22202
(866) 811-4111

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